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  1. We fight for individuals around the Country, who promptly paid their insurance premiums so that they would be protected and their coverage would be there when they needed it, but discovered that their insurance company wasn’t interested in fairly paying their claim when their homes were damaged by earthquake, hurricanes, tornados, fire or other events causing loss.

  2. We fight for individuals who believed that regulatory agencies such as the F.D.A. could be trusted and who followed their doctors orders with confidence, but who ultimately learned that the drugs they were prescribed to address one problem often led to others, and resulted in serious injury.

The Law offices Of Howard Snyder have Been dedicated for over 30 years to representing individuals around the country who have suffered serious injuries as a result of the negligence or wrongful acts of others.

The firm’s practice includes representing individuals who have suffered from the devastating effects of physical or sexual assault perpetrated by members of the clergy, by doctors, or teachers, or others who have abused the vary individuals they were entrusted to protect or care for. We understand that children, adolescents and those who have been abused, sexually assaulted or harmed have suffered serious and often lifelong emotional and physical injuries. We understand that these matters are highly sensitive and we are committed to protecting our client’s privacy and personal well-being throughout our legal representation.

There are no fees or costs charged whatsoever unless we recover damages on your behalf.

  • Sexual-Misconduct