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We are representing victims of sexual assault/abuse allegedly committed by Dr. Tyndall at USC

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Our practice includes litigation for and protecting individuals who have suffered from the devastating effects of physical or sexual assault or misconduct. We understand that minor and adolescent women who have been victimized by sexual assault or misconduct have been forced to suffer serious and often life changing harm. These matters are  serious and we are committed to protecting our clients’ privacy and interests throughout our representation.

Who We Represent

The Law Offices of Howard Snyder represent victims of rape, sexual assault or misconduct, and sexual exploitation. Often the individuals we represent are very young and extremely vulnerable. The firm has a unique, personal approach to the handling of these cases, centered on the individual needs of each and every person we represent. No case is exactly the same and no person responds to sexual assault in the same manner. Our focus is not only to help our clients seek justice through use of the legal system, but also to help them move forward in recovering from the emotional trauma inflicted by the wrongful conduct.

Whether the sexual assault or misconduct took place at a hospital or medical treatment facility, a psychiatric care facility, on campus, or foster care, our firm is prepared to help each individual overcome their experience and move forward in a positive manner. Taking back control, and holding the perpetrator fully responsible is the first and vitally important step in that process.

Why Take Legal Action?

Our philosophy is that these cases are not just about a financial recovery. Our clients benefit from taking action against the individuals who use and violate their positions of trust to commit sexual assault. In holding these individuals accountable for their egregious behavior, our clients have taken an important step towards regaining well being and getting their lives back. The thought of taking legal action can be daunting, but ours will be a team effort, and we are here for you and your family with years of experience in successfully prosecuting these matters.  

We have substantial experience in holding schools, hospitals and medical facilities accountable for sexual misconduct or wrongful acts of doctors, employees or staff. These institutions have a legal obligation to protect the individuals entrusted to their care. They may be found responsible for negligent hiring or supervision, or to have failed to act reasonably in response to known dangers or prior warnings regarding sexual misconduct. As such they can be held accountable

F R E E  C O N S U L T A T I O N


unless we recover on your behalf

If you were treated by Dr. George Tyndall at USC and subjected to sexual assault, abuse or misconduct, we are here to protect you and your family.  Information obtained indicates that USC had notice and knowledge of this horrific conduct yet did nothing for years to protect students.  We provide our clients with private and confidential representation, knowing that these maters are highly personal and sensitive. We represent only individual clients with respect to these matters and we will not be litigating class actions.