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The one thing insurance companies do extremely well is collecting our premiums, but when it comes time to paying our claims often they don’t pay the entire bill or anything at all.  Denying your claim keeps money in their pockets, money that you may have counted on for difficult times.  Times where you need coverage for the unexpected like natural disasters, accidents, medical and life-threatening illness, new treatments and therapies, and more. 

In good faith, you rely on your insurance company to treat you fairly and often times they don’t.  That is why you need a law firm willing to file a lawsuit and go the distance against the wealthy power of the insurance companies.  The Law Offices of Howard A. Snyder has handled insurance bad faith cases in California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida and the remaining states nationwide.  Contact us or call toll-free (866) 739-8546 if your claim has been denied.

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