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(Employer-Sponsored Insurance Claims)

ERISA: Employer sponsored insurance

An ERISA claim is a claim which must be dealt with properly, efficiently, and by a firm that understands both the complicated administrative claim process and the manner in which the case must be litigated.  The Law Offices of Howard A. Snyder is that firm.

What is the ERISA law?

The vast majority of group disability insurance plans provided by employers fall under the jurisdiction of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, known commonly by its acronym ERISA.

Unfortunately, the application of the ERISA law to disability insurance plans has reduced rather than expanded the legal protections available to policyholders.   It has left the field wide open to insurance companies seeking to implement a claims policy that is best described as, "When in doubt, deny the claim."

ERISA provides insurance companies an opportunity to take advantage of its insured’s at the very time when they are the most vulnerable – when they have become disabled, sick, or when a loved one has died.

If you or a family member has been denied an ERISA claim, or if you feel that you are not receiving the benefits that you are entitled to, contact The Law Offices of Howard A. Snyder today to handle your complicated ERISA disability insurance matter.

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