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The Law Offices of Howard Snyder is helping individuals sexually abused by members of the clergy or other individuals associated with the Catholic Church, the Catholic diocese, religious orders, church leaders and individual clergy members.

These cases involve some of the most egregious crimes ever perpetrated, often leaving those individuals harmed with lifelong physical and psychological injuries. 

Recent studies have shown that it can take decades for an individual who was harmed by child sexual abuse To report the incident. Many victims abused in early childhood may wait until late adulthood to share their experiences. As a result many states have recently expanded the statute of limitations or the time to file suit, for sexual abuse claims against the church its affiliates and the members of the clergy. Please call us now to discuss in confidence your unique case details and your experience. 

Clergy abuse is amongst the most egregious violations of trust and responsibility often inflicting damage beyond measure. Individuals have suffered from a number of problems including:

. Serious long-term depression
. Anxiety disorders.
. Post traumatic stress disorder
. Relationship and intimacy issues
. Eating and sleeping disorders.
. Long-term physical symptoms and other serious mental health problems

The conduct of the church in protecting and shielding this abuse is disgusting, demoralizing , and is now well established. High level members of the church looked the other way and protected wrongdoers for decades. As this information has become known , largely through the legal process, more and more individuals are now feeling empowered to fight and are refusing to remain faceless victims. The task of standing up to hold the church legally accountable for its gross misconduct and negligence is not easy. We know it and we understand it. We are here to help you do it. 

All of our clergy sexual abuse cases are handled on a pure contingency fee basis this means we only receive legal fees when we successfully prosecute your case and obtain a financial recovery for you there are no upfront cost or expenses to initiate the legal process. 

The time to bring a civil lawsuit, or “statute of limitations“ varies drastically according to where the abuse occurred. Many states have extended the statute to allow individuals who are abused, to bring a case years after the abuse occurred.

If you have questions about your potential case including the applicable time frame for bringing legal action please contact us today so we can evaluate your legal rights. 

Our firm is committed to answering your questions, to speaking with you, understanding the need for sensitivity in this process of holding the wrongdoer who abused you legally accountable. Our discussions are completely confidential, and fully protected by the attorney client relationship. 


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  1. We handle cases using a personal approach centered on individual needs

  2. We seek justice through use of the legal system


  1. We assist in recovery from emotional trauma


  1. Our philosophy is that these cases are not just about much more than just financial recovery.


  1. We have substantial experience in holding schools, hospitals and medical facilities accountable for sexual misconduct or wrongful acts of doctors, employees or staff.

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